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Everyone meet David from Seattle, WA:

Here is David's amazing true short story (For the FULL story go visit his blog –

When people find out about my weight loss history, I’m always asked “how did you do it?”, which is to be expected. The problem is it’s hard to explain, not because it was complicated but rather, I did a lot of different things over the past two years. Some of them were smart and some were dumb. Hopefully, I can answer those questions here, and I hope it helps you find your physical happiness.  Since I’ve started weight loss, I’ve realized “how I did it ” is somewhat the less of an important question as opposed to why. Either way, I’ll do my best to attempt to answer both the how and why.

I’ve been overweight my whole life, and part of the problem was that I’m a secure and happy person. I’ve never had a problem, making friends or talking to girls. I’ve always embraced who I am, and I’ve been very happy with myself. Overall this is a great thing, but in my case it was a barrier, preventing me from becoming the person I really like. I’ve never really attempted weight loss, because I didn’t really see it as a problem. The best answer to why I lost weight is well….lot’s of reasons. But, that doesn’t help anybody  so, I’ll do my best to highlight some of my major thought processes I had at the time.

I’m a father, and I believe it’s the greatest title I’ll ever hold, and it comes with an incredible amount of responsibility.  A little over two years ago my wife and I had just been blessed with our beautiful daughter Charlee Joy Taylor.  When my daughter came, a part of me that I’ve never been aware of opened up.  Suddenly, I was aware that my life wasn’t just mine but, the choices I make as a father affect my daughter. I was being super meta about everything but, can you blame me? I mean she’s gorgeous! One day, I was listening to a podcast from Freakonomincs called The Economist Guide to Parenting. Take some time to listen to if if you can, but in short they show that your children almost never listen to what you say, but focus on what you do.

The podcast mentioned studies regarding education, smoking, and drinking, and to sum things up. If you smoke, drink, or don’t get an education, the chances are your children will follow suit. This made me extremely uncomfortable. I’m okay with being over-weight. I’m also okay if my daughter ends up over-weight. But, I’m not okay with my daughter struggling with issues surrounding weight her whole life, because I refused to teach her how to be healthy. I couldn’t shake the responsibility that  as a father, I’m responsible to do everything I can in order to ensure my daughter lives a happy life. Although, I was happy and although I was secure with myself, I’m not just me. I’m a father.

Drew Manning from Fit2Fat2Fit was my best friend when I was 8 years old. We lived two houses down from each other, and got into trouble all the time. When Drew first started his journey he posted his blog on Facebook and I was immediately attracted to the idea. I thought it was a cool concept, and tried to help out as best I could by submitting his posts to content aggregates like Reddit. At one point, I was the one posting the food and exercise print outs. The problem was, I was busy.

I know this is an excuse, but it’s real. I was a father, who was both working and going to school full time. I would get home at 10:00 PM every night.  I lost weight by following Fit2Fat2Fit as best as I could, and would improve as I hit plateaus or bumps in the road. Initially, I just started the diet plan and the weight started to fall off. After, some time I would level out and be forced to change something, in order to keep going. For me, it was enough to start with dieting, but was necessary for me to improve my efforts along the way in order to keep losing weight.

As someone who has never really worked out, it was an obstacle to go to a gym and have to watch videos in order to know what I should be doing. I was taking four engineering grade classes and working in an extremely complecated work group. I didn’t have the attention span, or time to become physically educated. So I found something that worked for me, I created a time budget, and I joined a crossfit gym called The Cell in Arizona.

I believe that having a balanced life is extremely important for your health’s longevity. For example, living in a gym is unacceptable, and not for me. I believe most people who over commit, will quit once the fad of the current plan loses it’s appeal.  I think it’s equally important to find a maintainable exercise plan and stick to it, as it is to exercise.  I decided that although I was busy, my health was as important as school, hobby, family, and fun. So I set aside three hours a week, to exercise. Yes, three hours! Think about that. I lost 140 lbs by consistently working out for three hours a week, anyone can do that.

I’ve had a lot of support from Drew from Fit2Fat2Fit, Ammon from The Cell, and most of all from my wife but, in the end it comes down to me. In your case it’s up to you. I know it seems impossible, and highly unlikely but, if I can do it anyone can. Regrettably, weight loss is a touchy subject and not something you can just walk up and talk to people about. When I see people who are struggling with weight, I just want to hug them and let them know there is a bigger person inside of them.

Feel free to approach me on Twitter or Instagram, I’d love to help.

Dave –

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