Amazing #TEAMDREW Transformation

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Everyone meet Kelsey from San Diego, CA:

Here is Kelsey's story:

My name is Kelsey Engler and I am from San Diego, CA and I wanted to personally thank you and your wife for all the encouragement you gave me the past 6 months.  At the beginning of this year, I was completely miserable, suffering from chronic back and feet pain. I weighed in at 220, and I was always on more of the heavy side for most of my life. I accepted that I was fat. Which is horrible to think about now that I look back. I gave up being something that I always dreamed of having because part of me was too scared to change.

The beginning of January of 2013, I went to Coronado Beach with my girlfriend, and was laughed at because of the wet suit I wore by two grown men. I was defeated. I knew I had to change. The next day, I started your workout and diet program. I bought all your supplements, and stuck it out and worked hard. I slowly started to believe in myself. And even though it was hard at parts, I would watch your videos and knew that if you could do it, I could do it too!

6 months later, I lost a total 52 pounds and went down 8 sizes! I couldn't believe it! I was so amazed that it happened to me! Finally! Now that the weight is gone, I have been pain free for four months, and opened up so many more opportunities that I had given up on. I have the self-esteem that I never thought I would have. I have shared my journey with my loved ones who now look to your plans.

Again, thanks so much! Now that I know what it truly means to be healthy, this is only the beginning of my journey!


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