Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

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Everyone meet Domenico from Italy:

Here is Domenico's story:

First thing I'm sorry for my english, I'm italian man and I'm 31 years old. 10 years ago I was an athlete of a good standard, then not finding work I opened a restaurant. Of course, from that moment I started eating sweets, drinking beer and stop training work-out.
In 30/03/2013 for a bet with my waiter I decided to get my body back in shape.The really strange thing is that I realized that I had become obese, even thought I could get in shape in 2 weeks. It was very shocking to me when I realized that I had become deformed.

I wanted to be operated on the stomach but luckily my wife prevented me. So I looked for some information on the internet and I saw your website. The first thing I thought is that you are a fool, but then I thought about it and I realized that I too have made the same thing, only that I make in 10 years. I have read much but here in Italy we have other food habits, especially at breakfast, and my working time are very special, so I adapted your advice to my routine:

Wake up at 11:00 and immediately drink 0.50 cl of water at room temperature, I prepare to go out and after about 15 minutes I have breakfast (350 kcal)
After 3 and a half hours do lunch (500 kcal)
again after 3 and a half hours snack (350 kcal)
again after 3 and a half hour dinner (500 kcal)
Finally, after 2 and a half hours the last snack (250-300 kcal)
I finish work at 2:00 and then go to sleep around 3:00.

The bet I lost it because I had to weigh 83 kg, however, are satisfied.
Thanks to you, to my wife, and that asshole of my waiter that for three months joked about me!

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