Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

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Everyone meet Miroslav from Ireland:

Here is Miroslav's story:

My name is Miroslav. I'm 27 years old and a student of Accounting and Finance, and living in Ireland. I started to follow your site on Facebook since February 2013. I decided to change myself and my lifestyle. I started with my eating habits. Firstly, I stopped eating sweets and sweet drinks and eating in front of the TV at night. Then I read your meal plan, where I found a lot of information, which helped me (what and when to eat). And I started to "move" my ass a bit more.

After the first week (March 2013) I lost 5 lbs, then I started to become a bit addicted about my transformation:) I just kept moving forward and my body changed each week. When I started, during the first week of March 2013 I was 238 lbs (108 Kg), and yesterday at the gym I was 187 lbs (85 Kg). I lost 51 lbs (23 Kg) since March 2013 to today. I have still fat on my belly, but it is not as bad as before 🙂 In the beginning my waist was 43 inch (110 cm) and today it's 37 inches (97 cm).

When I published my 4 months transformation photo, all day I received messages from people with question: "How and what did you do?" and also received a lot of positive feedbacks:) I hope these people will follow my advices and will gain their targets.

My target is, lose more fat and gain muscles. I love your new competition fit2mass! Probably I will try it as well!

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