Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

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Everyone meet Isabella from Denmark:

Here is Isabella's Story:

Okay, I’ll try to tell my story..

I apologize for my english, I’m from Denmark so it’s a bit difficult!

It all started last year in November. I was at 104kg and I was SO sick and and tired of my body. There was fat everywhere! A true nightmare.

I had tried to lose weight before, without any luck. Nothing seemed to do me any good.

My height is only 160cm so of course 104kg was way too much!

My fiancée had a little talk with my mother in July 2012. He had told her that he was afraid to lose me, because of my weight. He pointed out that he loves me no matter what, but he just didn’t want to lose me.

So… A friend of mine introduced me to fit2fat2fit and after thinking a little bit, and thinking of my fiancée’s words, I took the challenge (MY challenge!!) to start on the meal plan.

After reading through the meal plan, I went to buy all the things I needed to start on it.

Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 went by.. The food was AMAZING! Could this really be true? Absolutely delicious food which would help me to lose weight?! It was truly amazing.

After being on the meal plan for approx 38 days, I had lost 10kg already. I was SO happy.

Was my weight really down to 94kg ?

I had reached a milestone!

So during christmas and New Year’s Eve i continued my weightloss with a smile on my lips.

January, February, March and April went by.

And my weight was still going down.

So it is now June 2013, and my current weight is 87kg. So it’s a total weight loss of 17kg, since November 2012.

I still need to lose 22kg. But I sure will reach my goal. I’m very certain about that!

Thank you very much Drew!

I could not have achieved my weight loss without fit2fat2fit.


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