Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

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Everyone meet Joey:

Here is Joey's Story:

Where to start is the hardest part of my story. All through high school I was a skinny guy and I could eat whatever I wanted. I played soccer and was very active. Nothing could make me fat. I joined the military and was sent to basic training within 2 weeks of graduation. I was working hard and my body was burning everything I ate. Then I was injured.

After I was injured I was placed on a no physical activity profile (we called it a dead man’s profile), which in turn I sat in the office and still snacked on chips, cookies and whatever else I snacked on. I was later medically discharged and my eating habits and laziness has been set in their way. Upon arriving in the states I could not find a job. I sat around the house, didn’t do anything but eat and play video games.

I decided to tap into my GI bill and started college to become a teacher. I couldn’t afford to go to school, buy healthy food, go to a gym and pay rent, so I went to school every other semester and tried going to a gym periodically. That didn’t seem to work. My body just kept getting bigger and bigger. I finally thought all my eating habits caught up to me. That was until I saw Drew featured on ABC.

I followed Drew throughout his journey, but I didn’t believe my eyes. A fit guy wanting to be fat? I had to watch his story from starting to ending before I started something again. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I thought, what can I lose? Drew is giving this information for free. I knew I needed to try this, but how could I with such a busy life now?

I was just about to start my student teaching when I sent Drew a message. It was a long shot, but hey maybe, just maybe I could get a quick personal advise tip from him. My message went as follows: “My question is, how would you implement eating 5 times a day. My schedule is very busy and I don't get breaks from teaching. Here is my schedule, where would you put meals at?“ To my amazement that same day I received a reply, not from a machine, but from Drew. We thought up a plan together that helped me get the meals in and not feel hungry. That is when I decided it was go time.

I started by planning out meal times and setting a goal date. I needed to lose the weight by graduation from college and that was only a short 4 months away. I also posted the 0-183 day calendar on my door, which is the first thing I saw every morning as motivation.  The first month was brutal. I was up very early and much busier than I ever thought I would be. The healthy food that I was expecting to be so expensive, wasn’t so much when I did portion control.

The past 4 months have been some of the best experiences of my life. I learned not only that I could lose the weight I needed to, but I could eat right, plan lessons, work out and still have time for TV/friends/games. I know I’m not the most built person in the world by any means, but when I finish my journey (2 more months) I will be starting the fit2mass!

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