Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

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Everyone meet Justin from Utah:


Here is Justin's Story:

My whole life I've always been a big kid. In high school my nickname was "obese". At first I thought it was cool because I actually had a nickname, then I didn't do anything about it until years later. I kept looking at myself and was never happy. I was always going to the gym and being active but nothing changed. After watching Drew do what he did I realized it was my diet.

In October of 2012 I decided I wanted to change my life! I was a whopping 230lbs with a 38" waist and 33% body fat. There was a physique show in April 2013 I wanted to do. Everyone didn't think I could do it. They said eating right is impossible! They also told me that my genetics would play a huge role in this. THEY WERE WRONG! I wanted to show everyone that it is possible. There should be no excuse for anyone to get the body they have always hoped for. All you need to do is work for it.

Once April 2013 came everyone was shocked! I loved the look on their faces when they saw me. Now they are the ones coming to me asking for advice. Now I weigh 165lbs with a 30" waist and 9% body fat. I am on the journey with Drew to put some mass on before my next physique show. If you put your mind to it anything is possible! Thanks Drew for the lifestyle change!

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