Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

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Everyone meet Team Drew member Kurtis:

Here is Kurtis's story:

My brief synopsis is that a friend of mine had started following your program & had lost about 40 pounds. At that time he had not started doing a whole lot of exercise & to be honest I was excited about that because I was fat & lazy. I thought this was going to be easy. Once I got started following the meal plans & losing the weight it encouraged me to get off my butt & start working out as well. The pounds starting falling off.

My family has several members that have adult-onset diabetes & I had no desire to be the next on the list. My mother had a heart attack a few months back & while in the hospital visiting that week I heard over & over again that by simply losing weight you are adding years to your life & staving off a laundry list of health problems / diseases. I had already lost 50 pounds at the time & quickly realized what a blessing it was to find your website when I did. I very well could have been a day, week or month away from having a serious problem.

You & your wife drastically changed my life & more importantly the life of my family & friends. I know several people that are currently losing weight stemming from your encouragement. One gentleman in particular I am trying to encourage here at work. He was 370 pounds when he started a few months back. He is down 50 pounds so far & I can't wait to one day send you his photos because that is truly an accomplishment. My weight loss was a great deal for me but someone that has a goal of 150 to 200 pounds of weight loss & choosing to do it your way as opposed to some surgery is astounding. I am proud of him. I could give you a long list of stories to show you how awesome you guys are but just simply saying thank you is the best thing I can do. All that being said I have lost a little too much of my muscle while losing the fat & I can't hardly wait for you to come out with this Fit2Mass program. It will be the 2nd time in less than a year that your family will change my life.

Good times & God bless!

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