Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

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Everyone meet Dov from Israel:

Here is Dov's story:

I was never a 'fat' guy per Se, but as the years went on I started putting on a bit of extra weight. Lots of changes to my life assisted in the weight gain (changing jobs, lack of motivation, lack of caring about my appearance and some other personal events).
I reached a point, due to my lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits, that when I went to a friends wedding, I collapsed and passed out after dancing for 10 minutes. Ambulances arrived at the scene and had to rush me to hospital. I think you can say that I somewhat 'stole his thunder' 😉
Anyway, at the age of 28 I got married and moved from UK to Israel and started a new job. The move was stressful, new atmosphere, new lifestyle, everything was different and the pounds continued to pile on and my health situation got worse. I, unlike many others, actually noticed myself getting bigger and was desperate to lose the weight, but I didnt know how. I kept on trying to starve myself or eat less but just saw myself gaining more and more. 
Mid 2011 my company arranged for subsidised health check ups for all their employees and one of these check up was to run on a treadmill so they can monitor your heart rate. I managed to run for 3 minutes and then collapsed – again. The situation had got out of hand. The next stop was the dietitian at the age of 29 and weighing 90 Kilo, she told me that I was overweight (Ya think!), but she didnt really give me the tools to solve my problem or change my eating habits.
It wasn't until September 2011 when I read an article about your journey on Sky News that I had found the solution to my problem. I was going to follow your journey, religiously, until you began your fat2fit stage and that's exactly what I did. So when 5th November 2011 arrived, my life changed. I followed your plans (minus the exercises – I wasnt quite ready for those) and watched every video you posted. 
Below are the results:
November 5th 2011: I weighed 90 Kilo (approx 37% body fat)
May 5th 2012: I weighed 74 Kilo (approx 20% body fat)
November 5th 2012: I now weigh 75 Kilo (15% body fat)
I can now run 10K in about 57 minutes (remember I couldnt run for more than 3 minutes in 2011), I am in the gym 3 times a week (I try to stick to it) and I feel great!
I have now passed on my experience to my brother and taught him your eating habits. He has already lost 14 Kilo in about 5 months.
I owe all this to you and I could never thank you enough.
I think your journey has helped so many of us out there and there are so many more than it will continue to help.

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