Amazing #TEAMDREW Transformation

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Everyone meet David:

Here is David's Story:

It was April 2, 2008. I weighed about 385 pounds, I had one pair shorts that sort of fit and a shirt that sort of fit. I have been holed up for two years after giving away my business and life in a divorce. Through most of my life I’ve been around 200 to 240, at the end of the divorce I was 250 I put on about 135 pounds in two years. Now December 3, 2012 I weigh 257, 8 more pounds to go to get to skydiving weight. I plan on doing a sky dive with my son the middle of this month. I plan to continue until I get  to my target weight of about 196.

I couldn’t walk 100 yards without stopping. I couldn’t get in my sports car with the top up so I drove with the  top-down. Made one trip to the big and tall store bought a 60 inch belt, a size 58 shorts and a couple of  3X shirts. I told myself "I'm never going to that store again".

In late May I discovered Drew Manning’s book, Fit2Fat2Fit. He and I shared the same accountant. After I got Drew’s book I started using the recipes in the back, and eating very healthy. The spinach shakes I love and the salmon recipe with turkey bacon and onions is a staple. I had gotten stuck at about 320 pounds and I was excited about the book because it talked about plateaus. I had a business trip to Chicago in late July.  I postponed really starting Drews regime until August. I took some whey protein with me on the trip and some days I was so busy a glass of that was my lunch. I did a great deal of walking on the waterfront in Chicago, actually lost weight on the trip.

In August I purchased all the food and tried following the meal plans exactly. I tried the plan for about three weeks and found myself eating two or three handfuls instead of one. So I sort of developed a hybrid plan for myself…a good breakfast every morning usually egg whites with veggies scrambled, lots of spinach shakes, and the salmon with turkey bacon onion was a staple in the evening. The recipes in the back are fantastic. They are the basis for all the food I eat.

When I started working out at the YMCA I was 312 pounds. The exercise really didn’t do much to help me lose weight but I got fit and have gotten my cardiovascular system healthy. At one point I had blood pressure of 220/120, and had one nurse thinking I was going to fall over any second with a heart attack. I did some research and discovered a study linking systolic pressure to weight. The study concluded there was a linear relationship between weight and blood pressure. You can exercise and lose weight and feel great, or take some pills and feel like crap. I got the best blood pressure monitor I could, which would allow me to download readings into the computer. The readings were all over the map at first, but after about three months I had a 120/72 with a 72 pulse. IT WORKED!

Around the 290-310 weight range I had some tingling and numbness in the legs. It mainly happened after I walked, but with my weight loss that is totally gone.

As Drew mentioned in the book it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle. The eating healthy, getting exercise makes you feel great, gives you energy and is a foundation for a wonderful life. I am typically a person with a fairly strong will, but I’ve learned I can’t do it by myself, and  a prayer for God’s help has allowed me to keep losing weight when I got stuck.

I think all our bodies are little different but the exercise and healthy eating is a common factor we can all use.


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