Amazing #TEAMDREW Transformation

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Everyone meet Andy:

Here is Andy's story:

I've heard from a lot of people throughout most of my life, they would say "Your not fat, just a little big".  My mom, wife, friends, in-laws, etc.  The family was eating breakfast at the hotel and Disney characters came in to autograph signature books.  Well, we visited Disney in March and added pictures to the book.  I started looking at the pictures and had feelings of disgust and accomplishment.  I told my wife, "It's amazing to see how fat I was."  Her natural reaction was "You weren't fat."  I showed her the picture, and her face looked as disgusted as mine, followed by a "Yup…you were fat."

Recently, my family went to Orlando for the night to get away.  My wife packed us while I worked out Monday night, and so Saturday we were going to get in the pool, and I looked in horror to see which swimming trunks she had grabbed.  They were shoved at the back of my closet and recently washed where we were cleaning, so she thought they still fit me.  I tried them on and they fell right off, even when I tied them…so I didn't swim.

Anyway, thanks Drew.  I really appreciate everything.

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