Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

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Another great international inspirational #teamdrew success story.

Everyone meet Vifill form Iceland:

Here is Vifill's story:

Last year (2011) in the end of July I weighed 259 pounds; it was at this point when my ex decided we should get a divorce. I was a train wreck. I felt like everything was screaming at me the word “failure”, I felt like a broken man, I didn’t like the person I saw in the mirror and even the electric fat meter I owned blinked viciously Obese when I dared to pick it up.

It was in August 2011 while searching the web for ways to better myself that I stumbled upon an article featuring a personal trainer named Drew which was willing to go the extra mile in understanding his clients dilemma going from fat to thin by making himself fat. This article in short inspired me to the extent of “If I don’t like who I am or how I look, change”.

The blog posts and the amazing #TeamDrew Transformations have been the little voice in my head telling me that it is possible to change and change I did. I have made (I think) great results, I have lost 62.83 pounds since August last year, which is about nine months and I am feeling better in my skin than ever before. I am more confident, happier, more energetic, more outgoing (which might be due to being single again) and can finally take up sports which I wouldn’t even dream about before August 2011.

Back in August 2011 when I started hitting the gym with my new motivation I started out slowly but quickly found out that my mentality would play a big role in me losing weight. Each time I go to the gym I go with the intent of burning fat or the intent of getting stronger. I show up focused or I don’t show up at all.

Today I have gone from 259.043lb to 196.211lb in shorter time I ever thought possible. This new lifestyle has changed me in more ways than one, I now enjoy outdoor activities a lot more and I am currently taking paragliding lessons to boot! I am currently saving up to be able to buy the Buzz-Z3 paragliding wing from Ozone ( and planning on taking my virgin flight in June! I have made new spectacular friends. In the foreseeable future I see myself taking nature walks, mountain walks, flying my paragliding wing and just generally having the time of my life in this new skin of mine J.

It is amazing what one can accomplish when the mind is focused, or as Bruce Lee said it: “As you think, so shall you become”.

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