Amazing #TEAMDREW Transformation

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Everyone meet Carles from Spain:


Here is Carles' story:

It’s been one year since I first met Drew through the net and now I’d like to thank him and share my progress with you all. These months changed my life. I feel much better with myself now and my family life has improved a lot. My wife has been a constant support and I will never find the appropriate words to express how thankful and lucky I am to have had her near me during all this process. Drew has been my online reference and she has been my “real” buddy who has done all the exercises and meals with me.

My history is quite simple. I had always been a fat guy since I was a child… maybe not extremely obese but with a constant and maintained overweight. One year ago I was 33 years old, 170cm, my weight was 104kg (229 lb) and suddenly my knee started to suffer from a tendinitis that didn’t cure despite medical treatment. At that time my blood pressure was starting to rise and my overall energy was very low. I started to wonder how my life would be in 20 years if I didn’t change my lifestyle and I didn’t like the answer so it was time to change… but how!!?? As a medical doctor I was aware of my bad eating habits but I was completely lost about exercises and how to start this process. Your tips were really helpful!! For the first time in my life I was going to hit the gym with a real exercise plan and the feeling that thousands of people were doing the same thing at the same time all over the world. We had a tough job trying to select the most appropriate food to eat as we had to adapt all your menus to our Mediterranean habits!!

It’s been one year now and I have lost 25 kg (55lb) and gained a lot of muscle (my body fat percentage went down from 34 to 13%). I got used to the gym and my eating habits are really different. Everybody says that I look much better than before and my medical test have improved: knee has healed, blood pressure went down and I feel plentiful of energy. A lot of people started to ask us about this transformation and we also started to help people around us… you know: spread the message! Nowadays we are both studying to get a fitness personal trainer diploma and we plan to keep on gaining more and more knowledge so we can help improving our patients life trough exercise and good nutrition habits.

Again, thank you Drew and everyone very much for everything. Warm hugs from Barcelona (Spain)

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