Amazing #TEAMDREW Transformation

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Everyone meet Matt from Illinois:

Here is Matt's story:

Through school I was a little bigger than some of my other friends.  I played baseball and football growing up and could run sprints pretty fast.  Since basketball required more long distance, I never was able to make the basketball teams growing up. 

In college, I started to study more and put off any type of physical activity.  So the normal freshman 15, became the freshman 30.

I got married to my wife last year, who married me when I was at my heaviest weight topping the scales at 250lbs.  We went to Miami for a honeymoon and I noticed when we walked around, that I looked like one of the biggest guys around, not in a good way.  We went into a t-shirt shop and I couldn't even find my size which was a XXL at the time. 

I went to the doctor for a check up a few weeks after we got back and he asked me what type of diabetic medicine I was on.  I told him that I was not diabetic.  The doctor showed me the tests he did and my numbers showed that it was time for a dramatic change.

I found Drew online a few weeks before he started his back to fit journey and decided I would allow him to be my personal trainer.  I tried his recipes and modified the workouts and meals accordingly but stayed strict with it.  I started out almost everyday with his famous spinach shake. 

Once I gained more energy, I started jogging.  It was a very slow jog.  My pace started at a 12:30 per mile.  I really liked the feeling of jogging and decided to sign up for a local 5K event.   My time was 33:46.  I was excited that I didn't walk any of it.  I discovered that I actually enjoyed it and signed up for a few more and set goals for myself.

I started getting faster and got my mile time down to 7:23 and placed 1st in my division at a 5K with a time of 25:27.

My jeans waist size was 40in. before I started.  My jeans that I buy now are 30in. waist. 

Starting weight: 250lbs
Current weight: 170lbs. 
Total weight loss: 80lbs.

Happier and Healthier! 

Thanks again Drew!

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