Amazing #TEAMDREW Transformation

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This is a 6 month update for Mike on his lifestyle change!

Everyone meet Mike from Austin, TX:

Here's a few words from Mike:

I hope you had a great summer & it's so awesome seeing that fit2fat2fit has grown & that more people are starting to follow. I just wanted to send you my midway stats/pictures since I hadn't sent you any of that yet. 
Again, my name is Mike Gutierrez I'm 21 I'm a college student here in Austin,TX and I started your program June 2nd. 
Here are my stats:
Weeks Weight  Waist  Chest Neck Hips Biceps Height
Week 1 280 lbs 48.5" 46.5" 17.5" 48" 16.5" 6'0"
Week 29 230.2 lbs 39" 42.25" 15.5" 39.5" 15.125" 6'0"
I truly want to thank you so much this summer has really opened my eyes to how to live a healthy lifestyle. Explaining it to some people can make them question or think I'm being "too high maintenance" or anything that may come with the process of losing weight but it's all worth it. Like I said, the 1st time I worked out a lot but ate horribly. So this meal plan has been the best! I'm looking forward to the next half of the process!


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