Amazing #TeamDrew Transformation

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Everyone meet Kevin from Fort Worth, TX:

BEORE: 289 lbs                                                  NOW: 222 lbs


I am 34 years old and I work from home full time, but put in a lot of hours. Back in college I was an athlete, but after graduation I kept eating like an athlete and stopped working out because I felt, "Why bother, what do I have to work out for I aint playing sports". Boy was I wrong; my weight ballooned from a shredded 215 lbs (at my playing weight) to 315 lbs and not a muscle in sight. I tried all the fad diets and nothing worked. Back in December 2008 I went for weight loss surgery (LAPBAND) and it really hasn’t done anything for me. Your site was recommended to me by my older brother and this really got me excited, The weeks before November 6th 2011 I kind of was holding a funeral of sorts for all the bad food I always ate. I made the commitment on November 6th that I would take the journey with you and boy am I glad I did. My starting weight on November 6th was 289 flabby pounds. As of today I am 222 lbs and I am starting to see muscles again!!! Thank you Drew and your wife for not only showing us how to live healthy but allowing us to take the journey with you!!!

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