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I am extremely excited that Fit2Fat2Fit became a NY Time's Bestseller! Thank you for all your support. In this book I chart a journey that most personal trainers will never do.

I accepted the possibility that my clients were right and I was wrong. If my message wasn’t sinking in, maybe I didn’t really get how hard the road from unhealthy to healthy was. Maybe the ‘trainer’ needed to learn some things first.   


The physical, emotional, and mental lessons learned are more than I bargained for, and the advice I now share I have lived through. I now know we all can find the tools, inner strength, and persistence needed, and that together we can reach the weight loss, health, and true lifestyle change we desire.    
Drew Manning, a natural fitness junkie and devoted personal trainer, had never been overweight in his life. He never craved junk food or missed an opportunity to work out. Yet despite his obsession with fitness, he often failed to help his clients reach their goals. Something had to give. Manning needed to understand what it was like to be on the other side—spend a few months in his clients’ shoes or, rather, size.
For six months, Manning radically let himself go. He stopped exercising and ate nothing but the typical American diet of fast and processed foods. Not surprisingly, he started to gain weight. Manning made national news when he posted a blog revealing that he had gained more than 60 pounds (he ended up gaining 75). In only half a year, the out-of-shape trainer turned-blogger had gained more than he ever expected—and not just in pounds.
Manning devoted the next six months to losing the weight as quickly as he had gained it. The lessons he learned were priceless, as he had now experienced both sides of the weight-loss battle. What started as a physical challenge became an emotional and mental wake-up call. In Fit2Fat2Fit, Manning reveals the practical takeaways and profound insights of his yearlong journey. With startlingly honest stories, concrete easy-to-implement strategies, recipes, exercises, workout routines, meal plans, and much more, the reader is fully equipped to achieve any weight-loss goal.



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