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Let’s talk superfoods! I know it seems like every day there is some new “thing” being deemed the next “it” food. In a society where every time you turn around there seems to be a new diet craze jumping out at us from our television screens, or ads in our favorite magazine for some magic pill made from a rare plant that vows to drop belly fat in seconds…it can get a little confusing as far as what may work, and what definitely will not.

So! Let’s talk about something a bit more realistic. Something much more accessible, affordable, and super body friendly! Let’s talk about SUPERFOODS!

What exactly is a SUPERFOOD?

Superfoods are known as foods that are very rich in compounds, such as antioxidants, fiber, and fatty acids that are considered to be very beneficial to your health. They are known for increasing your energy and vitality, regulating your cholesterol and blood pressure, and may even help to prevent or fight cancer and other diseases.

Along with essential nutrients they can also help heal your body from the inside out, thanks to the potent and unique compounds that they contain. These superfoods are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that help protect our immune systems and kill any harmful bacteria found in our guts.

Berries are a commonly known superfood, as is spinach and even kale. But what about the lesser known ones? The foods that no one would really consider adding in abundance to their current diets? The unconventional ones?

Here are FIVE unconventional superfoods that you could introduce into your diet today! You may be surprised to find you may have some of these items already in your own home!


Treat your high blood pressure with some Hibiscus! These beautiful plants have been used as an herbal remedy for high blood pressure for centuries! Acting as a natural diuretic, it also mimics some of the qualities of ACE inhibitors, which are pharmaceutical drugs used primarily for the treatment of hypertension and congestive heart failure. Hibiscus are also a common ingredient in many of your favorite herbal teas.

Bone Broth

Take better care of your gut with bone broths! Optimal gut health is crucial. No one wants a leaky gut. Something like that could lead to undigested food, toxins, viruses, as well as bacteria sneaking into your intestine and accessing your bloodstream, with some pretty painful results! Consuming bone broth introduces helpful nutrients into your body such as calcium, silicon, and even glucosamine! And other known benefits include reduced joint pain and inflammation, healthy hair and nail growth, and stronger bones! Yay!


Boost your digestive system with the help of sauerkraut!  You may already be familiar with this superfood, but did you know that this pickled vegetable is packed with nutrients which help to rebuild your body’s immune system, AND works as a detox too? Many health experts have agreed that a healthy digestive tract can help set you on the path for a healthy life. With the help of the probiotics it contains, sauerkraut not only helps with your digestive system, but it also aids your immune system as well!


Strengthen your body with Liver! I know that eating liver can be a little hard to stomach for some people, but when properly prepared, you won’t even KNOW that it’s liver you’re eating!  Liver is known to be a very nutrient dense food and is a great source of high-quality protein. It offers many amazing benefits for the body such as containing precursors for our DNA and RNA called purine, and even contains an anti-fatigue factor! Liver is filled with a great deal of B-Vitamins which helps your body to produce energy and forms red blood cells.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Feel AMAZING by adding in some apple cider vinegar! it is because of the Bragg family, that apple cider vinegar has gone from being a traditionally known home remedy, to a mainstream tool for your health. Its acidic nature is what helps stimulate the natural production of hydrochloric acid in your stomach. This is crucial for the proper digestion of foods and BONUS! It can also help protect you against any ingested pathogens that could be harmful to you. This vinegar also can provide acid reflux relief, and can even lead towards to healthier skin! 

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to know which one of these superfoods you already consume? What kind of results have you seen? Which ones are you interested in trying out? Comment below and let me know! 

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