EP114: Break the Cycle of Food Addiction Forever

A low-carb lifestyle could be the secret to unlocking how to turn your physical and mental health around.

This week, Dr. Mihaela Telecan joins Drew to discuss how a low carbohydrate diet was her solution to a healthier life. Dr. Telecan went through a process of self-experimentation to arrive at the understanding that whole, unprocessed foods increased her physical and mental performance. Dr. Telecan offers well-researched resources to understanding the science behind how carbohydrates are used within the human body, how to break the vicious cycle of cravings brought on by sugar and carbohydrates and how to break food addiction forever.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [05:58] Mihaela enjoys the science behind optimizing health and performance.
  • [17:29] Mihaela healing journey started when she became a raw vegan but it messed with her digestion.
  • [18:57] GAPS protocol includes natural treatment for mental and physical ailments.
  • [33:06] The Make Peace with Fat book includes a Metabolic Reset Protocol.
  • [39:16] The secret to breaking your addiction to food.


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