EP107: Indulgent Keto Kookies

The one thing missing from a keto diet is sweets, well not anymore.

Drew welcomes the Founders of Keto Kookie to the show to discuss their amazing keto friendly, kookie creations. Both Victor and Kris started applying the keto philosophy to their lifestyles for different reasons, Victor realized the weight loss he’d been seeking and Kris enjoyed the mental clarity the keto diet afforded him. The only thing missing was a sweet that was keto friendly. The two entrepreneurs commandeered a family kitchen and got to work creating a low carb treat for others who want to stay in ketosis but also miss cookies.

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Key Takeaways:

[03:54] Victor and Kris share their backstory and their passions.

[10:28] Keto revitalized Kris and helped Victor to keep the weight off.

[15:08] Keto Kookie’s humble beginnings.

[22:26] 16 Kookies a day for 7 days and Victor and Kris lost weight.

[30:31] Dr. Dom D’Agostino has supported the growth of Keto Kookie.

[38:24] The Power of NowTools of Titans, and Habit Stacking are books that motivate Victor and Kris.


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