EP099: How ‘Going Against the Grain’ Can Make You Happier

A healthier diet can help balance your hormones.

Drew welcomes the talented Anna Vocino to the podcast. Anna is a voice over talent and stand-up comedian, she is the co-host of the Fitness Confidential podcast and the author of the cookbook, Eat Happy. Anna discovered she had Celiac disease and had to abruptly change her diet. After going gluten-free, she started to gain weight. She had to ‘go against the grain’ of traditional diet advice and find a solution to work with her specific condition. Anna shares her story and her favorite recipes which are designed to help you get healthier and happier.

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Key Takeaways:

[04:27] Anna describes how she discovered she had Celiac’s and how her body reacted to the change in her diet.

[14:35] Eating gluten-free doesn’t mean the food is healthy and you can gain weight.

[18:32] How Anna deprogrammed herself from believing traditional diet advice.

[23:55] The Fitness Confidential Podcast is about being a fitness trainer for 30-years.

[31:53] Anna’s cookbook is a mixture of tried and true, hearty meals which lean towards a keto diet.

[39:07] What common sauces contain gluten?

[47:41] Anna shares her favorite voices and acting substitution parts.


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