EP098: How to Get Healthy When Food is Making You Sick

The Paleo Chef tells her story.

Drew welcomes The Paleo Chef, Mary Shenouda to the podcast. Mary is also the creator of famously delicious Phat Fudge. Mary was riddled with physical ailments when she was a child. It wasn’t until she took her health into her own hands and made important dietary changes, that her wellness started. Her paleo cooking was noticed by major athletes and celebrities who enlisted her to be their private chef. Mary shares her story of transitioning from a  corporate employee to becoming the self-funded, successful entrepreneur she is today.  

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Key Takeaways:

[08:27] After spending much of her life in pain Mary realized removing certain foods from her diet alleviated her ailments.

[16:54] People ask for a one-solution-fits-all diet program but it should be based on the individual.

[22:42] Mary was able to get hired for positions a normal high school dropout couldn’t.

[31:06] Mary is surprised at how little marketing she needed to do to get clients for her business.

[33:14] How Mary accidentally created Phat Fudge and a growing business.

[44:41] New products on the way from Phat Fudge



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