EP035: A Positive Body Image Allows Your Inner Beauty to Shine Through

Yearning to identify with a particular label can make you a prisoner to it.

Maddy Moon is a 24-year-old female with strong convictions about sharing her message with the world. As a high school student, Maddy was introduced to food documentaries which changed her way of eating. She adopted vegetarianism and rapidly dropped weight. And even though she didn’t need to lose the weight, people started praising her for her new look. She became obsessed with the attention she was getting and decided to work with a trainer to prepare her for a physique competition. She has since realized her value is more than how she looks and she wants to make sure women have the tools to become body positive. She has written two books and her website has become a resource for those who would like to learn from her experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • [7:54] Maddy shares the beginning of her body obsession and how her eating habits were getting her noticed.
  • [13:55] Labels are more powerful than we think they are. They can make us a prisoner.
  • [17:55] If kids see the people love and admire most putting themselves down, it won’t matter what you say to them, they will pick up on the behavior.
  • [21:48] Maddy lost herself and her health while preparing for her first physique competition.
  • [31:46] There are people in the fitness industry who make women believe their only value is how they look.
  • [37:59] Purging her social media, reducing triggers, changing relationships and increasing her “body positivity” exposure led Maddy through her healing process.
  • [48:25] Contact information for Maddy and how to get her amazing books, Confessions of a Fitness Model and The Perfection Myth.
  • [50:28] The Lightning Round – The amazing middle toe lift.


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